Kilian Schönberger.

Whether it’s Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin or Snow White, the beloved characters found in Grimms’ fairy tales have captivated children for centuries. Although this vast collection of German folklore was first published in 1812 by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the grip of these narratives have endured and even provided the basis for countless book and movie adaptations.

Inspired by this rich folklore legacy, German landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger travels all across Europe in search of shooting locations that exude that magical mise-en-scène that is so reminiscent of these iconic fairy tales. The culmination of his work is an breathtaking portfolio filled with grandiose castles, mysteriously misty forests, and other whimsical sights.

I don’t want to show just portrayals of natural scenes, I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest and make up his own stories.

See below for a glimpse of “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings,” which is a sequel to his earlier series based on fairy tales, “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland.” Be sure to check out all of this talented photographer’s work on his website.











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