holly_picHello, and welcome to Earthen Love. My name is Holly and this is my little corner of the intrawebs. This is a place for me to share my life, improve upon my writing skills, explore my passions, and expand my world with new ideas. This is a place for me to engage with other bloggers, learn their stories, and develop my realm of influence and connection.

I get this question often, so let’s start here; what in the world does ‘earthen love’ mean?


: made of earth or of baked clay
: composed of earth
: earthly; wordly


: an intense feeling of deep affection
: a great interest and pleasure in something
: a person or thing that one loves

I love anything and everything earthy. When the weather is decent you can often find me digging around in many potters and planters out back, knee-deep in mud on a hiking trail with my dog, or cuddled up around a campfire enjoying the fresh air. The natural world fascinates me, intrigues me, and inspires me in many wonderful ways (except for spiders, they are just evil spawnlings of doom).

By day, I work as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. By night, I am a closet foodie, story hungry bookworm, perpetual giggler, and a giant gamer girl. To find me hollering dragon shouts at my console, while I play Skyrim, is not uncommon; I assure you it is very amusing to behold.

I am glad you have made it here and I hope you stick around, enjoy the posts, and comment often. And again, welcome to Earthen Love. :]

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  1. Walter says:

    I long await my earthen love for I wander lost an lonely her path is dimmd by dark forest only the fleeting feeling of her ever nearing presence bounds me to continue to stay on path in tune with my spirit an auroa shined, for its my light she seeks an my presence of body an mind

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    1. Holly says:

      That is beautiful. :]


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